Free SSAS Review

Is your client’s SSAS stuck with a provider who:

  • Does not keep you or your client up to date/informed of legislation changes?
  • Does not keep you “in the loop” with complex in specie or commercial property transactions?

Would your clients prefer to utilise the services of a proactive Scheme Administrator that will provide good governance to the scheme and keep you aware of:

  • Member requests for information?
  • Valuations?
  • Benefit Crystalisation Events?

… To name but a few.

As an advisor, you can add value through interpreting the information which we provide to your client and guiding them through difficult decisions.

GPC are pleased to offer a FREE SSAS REVIEW, and potentially the opportunity to replace your client’s existing Scheme Administrator/Professional Trustee with NO takeover fees.

Does your client’s current SSAS provider act as a Scheme Administrator, or do they act solely as a Scheme Practitioner? Are your clients the scheme administrator? Do they realise that the tax consequences of non-compliance with HMRC rules can be very serious:

Unauthorised Payment Charge: An income tax charge levied at a rate of 40% of the unauthorised payments made the the deemed recipient.

Unauthorised Payments Surcharge: An additional charge of 15% income tax charge leveid upon the deemed recipient when the value of any unauthorised payment, in any period of 12 months, amounts to more than 25% or more of the value of pension rights bringing the total tax charge payable by recipients of unauthorised payments to 55%.

Scheme Sanction Charge: This is levied against the scheme administrators (and would normally be recovered from the assets of the pension scheme).

The Scheme Sanction Charge is initially levied at a rate of 40%.  However, this may be reduced by any unauthorised payment charge paid by the member. The reduction is restricted to the lesser of:

  • 25% of the total chargeable payments made by the scheme on which any tax was paid under the unauthorised payments in that tax year; and
  • The actual unauthorised payment charge paid by the recipient of the payment (but not any surcharge).

Let us remove the burden and worry of your scheme administration; it will allow you to focus on new business, with the knowledge that you have the support of GPC.

Please complete and return the attached questionnaire and start to benefit from our expertise NOW!

What Our Customers Say

Since 2005 The Royal Bank of Scotland have worked closely with GPC SIPP Ltd and their clients, providing finance via SIPPs for complex commercial property transactions.  During this time we have found that both their professionalism and technical knowledge in the pension field are second to none.

The staff at GPC SIPP are always extremely helpful and are a delight to deal with. As such, I would have no hesitation in recommending the Banks own clients to them.

Anthony McGreevy, Royal Bank of Scotland