Property Guide

Please feel free to download and take a look at GPC SIPP’s Property Guide.

This property guide aims to provide a clear and easy insight to the process of transacting property through a SIPP or SSAS by way of either a purchase or transfer. The guide explains the main rules relating to the transaction and breaks the process down into the main components.

We hope this provides a helpful insight in to the logistics and practicality of purchasing a property through a GPC SIPP/SSAS.

For any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What Our Customers Say

I have worked alongside GPC SIPP for approximately 12 months now and what impresses me the most is the personal and one on one service that they deliver to their clients and professional partners.

You can always speak to someone with knowledge of the matter in hand and the practical service that GPC SIPP delivers helps the transaction to proceed smoothly and efficiently.

Adam Bromley, Forbes Solicitors