Let’s create a SIPP solution!

Let GPC SIPP create a SIPP solution to achieve your aims! You can choose from a wide range of assets and exciting investment opportunities including UK commercial property and land, quoted shares, DFM platforms, structured products, unit trusts and OEICs.

You, the investor take control of your retirement plan, you choose your investments and you are a signatory on all transactions.

A SIPP allows a wider choice of investments when it comes to saving for your retirement. A SIPP allows many types of investments to be held under one umbrella. As a result it is not necessary to hold a number of different pension plans to achieve a truly diverse investment portfolio. A SIPP enjoys all the tax breaks of any insured pension scheme.

For further information please refer to our SIPP Key Features 02-16  document.

SIPP benefits at a glance;

  • Tax relief of up to 40% on personal contributions.
  • Sale of any investments will not usually be subject to capital gains tax.
  • When retirement benefits commence, you are generally able to take up to 25% of the fund tax-free.
  • Investments grow free of income tax.
  • Transactions between connected parties are allowable.
  • In Specie contributions are permitted ie) a member can transfer a commercial property that they own personally into the scheme by way of a contribution and hence receive tax relief.
  • Borrowings of up to 50% of the fund value are allowed.
  • The member can continue working once drawing a pension.

Please note

  • You should utilise a financial adviser to advise you on your requirements, this will incur another charging structure.
  • Tax rules may change in the future. It is important to remember that access to money in your pension will not normally be available until the age of 55.
  • You should check whether your current plan offers any benefits that are not available with a new provider? Some benefits may be lost on transfer. For example, life insurance, guaranteed annuity rates, early or flexible retirement options, the availability of more than 25% tax free cash lump sum on retirement or inflation protection.


What Our Customers Say

I have worked alongside GPC SIPP for approximately 12 months now and what impresses me the most is the personal and one on one service that they deliver to their clients and professional partners.

You can always speak to someone with knowledge of the matter in hand and the practical service that GPC SIPP delivers helps the transaction to proceed smoothly and efficiently.

Adam Bromley, Forbes Solicitors

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